Ayane Fukumi

Thank you for coming to my page! I've been producing music since 2011, and since 2014 as Ayane Fukumi.
I've also been the owner of Underground Core Collective since 2014, and have released my music there
as well as and others labels such as Dancecorps and Tsundere Violence.

booking: ayanefukumi@gmail.com


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Ayane Fukumi · world's end girlfriend - birthday resistance parade (ayane fukumi remix)

Ayane Fukumi · 賭ケグルイ

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booking: ayanefukumi@gmail.com


Want me to do visuals, graphic design, or music for a project you're working on? I'm open to doing paid work for projects!
I can be contacted via email (ayanefukumi@gmail.com) for information. Price info and my services can be found here!


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